411 Missing Unexplained Cases – DeOrr Kunz Jr. Mystery

Mysterious disappearances

Brought to the main stream by David Paulides, the massive number of mysterious disappearances from National Parks and rural locations is just staggering. These strange and unexplained vanishings have been dubbed “Missing 411”

411 Case: DeOrr Kunz Jr.

Reported missing : 2:28pm July 10th 2015

Location : Timber Creek camp ground, Stone Reservoir, Leodore, Idaho

Timber Creek campsite

Deorr Kunz Jr, went missing on 10th July 2015 age 2 whilst he was on a camping trip at the remote and isolated Timber Creek camp site on the edge of Stone Reservoir, in Leodore, Idaho, with his parents, grandfather, and a friend of the grandfather.

The events – Friday July 10th

The first day of the trip was Friday July 10th 2015.

Deorr Kunz Jr, his father, mother, great-grandfather Robert Walton and a Isaac Reinwand, a friend of his great-grandfather, travel 120 miles from Idaho Falls to Timber Creek Campground in Leadore.

The campsite is remote and takes around two and a half hours to drive to from Idaho Falls. The last part of the trip takes them along the rocky track from the local town to the campsite. The road is a complete deadened, and the campsite is situated at the end of the road.

Upon arrival they set up camp. That morning, Kunz and Mitchell say they took DeOrr to a general store for supplies and snacks after cooking up a full breakfast.

Following their return to camp, the Parents say they went looking for a place to fish, leaving DeOrr Jr in the care of his great-grandfather. Kunz says they made it 50 yards from the site before discovering some minnows he thought DeOrr would love to see.


“I walked up the embankment and when I looked over, he wasn’t in his chair and he wasn’t with [Walton],” Kunz said

At 2:28 p.m., Deorr’s mother, Jessica Mitchell, calls 911 and reports her son missing.

Search crews arrive and begin to look for the toddler.

Just over an hour after DeOrr vanished, the two-mile radius around the area was quickly swarmed by officers from the Lemhi County Sheriff’s office. Search and rescue crews used all-terrain vehicles to comb the landscape, while divers scoured the nearby reservoir.

Saturday July 11th

Searchers look on horseback, ATVs, foot, and in water for Deorr. They focus on a two and a half mile radius around the campground.

One area of concern is a creek about 15 yards away from the campsite. The area is searched numerous times.

Sunday July 12th

The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office reports nearly 200 volunteers show up to look for Deorr. His grandmother tells East Idaho News it appears the two-year-old “just vanished.”

Volunteer search efforts are suspended but deputies say trained professionals will continue to look for the boy.

There has been no trace of him since.


Little DeOrr Kunz Jr has not been seen since

The family has been very quiet about the whole event and various theories have surfaced regarding what happened to DeOrr.

What really happened to DeOrr Jr.?

One theory investigators have is that he died and his body could still be somewhere near the Timber Creek Campground.

Ignoring alien abduction, paranormal activity and some other very strange theories you can find on reddit!-   It is clear that only four theories  are possible.

First – the possibility that there had been an animal attack,  that had taken and then killed DeOrr.

Second – that it could have possibly been an abduction situation or what we call ‘forced abduction’ by someone who was in the area.

Third – it could have been a possible (planned or unplanned) homicide.

Fourthly – DeOrr died in a tragic accident and his body is either still undiscovered.  In other words it was an accident that happened up there and DeOrr is possibly still up there and that he just was missed. Or his body was removed to cover up the accident.


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