5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About The U.S. Stamps

The world of collecting postage stamps is one that has always been very popular with both kids and serious investors alike. Stamp collecting is a realm that can be looked upon as a hobby, art, and a passion for many people. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people that refer to their stamp collection as more of an art form than an easy leisure pastime.

Stamp collection is something that takes place all over the globe, and there are very few hobbies that are quite as widespread. You will find stamp collectors that come from all sorts of backgrounds and every individual will find different stamps that truly interest them. Depending on what it is that you enjoy collecting in the postage stamp world, there are some people that have this as a rather expensive hobby, while others find affordable stamps just about everywhere. Stamp collecting makes it a great hobby to get into regardless of what budget you have to work with.

Kinds Of Stamp Collections

The beautiful thing about stamp collecting is that you will find such a range of stamps that you can choose from. There could be countless types of stamp collections out there, ranging from the rare and pricey, to those that are unique and speak to the collector. You may have personal interests in Americana, sports, Elvis, cartoon characters, wildlife or nature, to all of which you will be able to feed into your collection with stamps from all realms. Believe it or not, the world of stamp collecting is not always going to be limited to U.S. postage stamps or pieces that are of standard postage stamp size, as there are many people what enjoy other items related to stamps such as postal stationery, souvenir sheets, and novelty stamps.

The very first adhesive postage stamp in the world was known as the Penny Black, which came into service back on May 6, 1840. While this is interesting, it pales in comparison to a lot of the interesting and unknown facts that are out there today in regard to U. S. postage stamps. If you are going to be getting into collecting, or you just want to learn more about this world, these are the top five facts that every stamp collector should know when it comes to postage stamp trivia.

1. Did you know that the term ‘stamp collector’ actually predates the postage stamps by well over an entire century? Back in 1970, the term stamp collector was often used for someone who was either a receiver or collector of stamp duties.

2. There had been a one cent British Guiana magenta stamp that went on sale at auction back in 2014 in New York. This one stamp sold for millions of dollars. But, that is not even the tip of the iceberg on interesting information. The previous owner of this very stamp had passed away in jail back in 2010 after being convicted of the crime of murdering a champion from the Olympic wrestling team.

3. For any true Elvis Presley fans, he quickly became the King of Postage Stamps. The King of Rock n’ Roll’s stamp was first released by the United States Government in 1993 and is still the most popular selling stamp to date. The Elvis Presley stamp has sold approximately 124.1 million copies.

4. Are you someone that is interested in finding rare, unique stamps? A series of stamps were printed back in 1918 of an airplane. However, the image had been printed upside down accidentally. Today they are known as the Inverted Jenny stamps, and they are very rare and valuable. Only 100 of these have been found, so if you can get your hands on an authentic Jenny stamp, do not let it go because it can make for an incredible piece in your collection!

5. As with anything else in the world, United States postage stamps have always been evolving. Not only has the postage stamp size changed throughout the years, but they did not always have the self-stick backing on them that you are used to having today when you go to mail a letter. The very first postage stamps in the United States did not have a sticky backing.

6. People used to purchase their paste or glue, and even figured out other ways to properly secure the stamp to their envelopes. The simple stamps then turned into stamps that had dry glue on the back to be moistened before affixing to a letter, then progressing onward to the self-stick stamps that you see for sale today. Modern technology has also brought about the ability for people to purchase and print out their postage right from home using a personal computer and printer.

The cool thing about stamp collecting is that you can get started anywhere, and at any time. There are roughly 20 million or more people across the globe today that collect postage stamps of all kinds, so you will always find people to talk with and trade stamps, or purchase rare stamps that you are hoping to add to your collection.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to collecting, and you could even get started just by checking the mail on a regular basis and picking out some of the stamps that you find to be most interesting. The more that you add to your collection, the more fun you will have while searching for rare finds that will truly set you collection apart from all the rest.

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