A number of shocking discoveries of dead bodies

Chinese woman trapped for a month in an elevator starves to death

A woman’s body was discovered in an elevator in Xi’an, China after she apparently starved to death. Workers found the body, which had been trapped in the elevator for more than a month, when they returned to work at the building after the Chinese New Year.

They were supposed to have checked the elevators before taking them out of service before the holiday, but authorities said the workers neglected to perform a visual inspection. When they finally did discover the poor woman, they noticed that her hands were mangled from repeated attempts to escape.

Authorities said the case involved “gross negligence” on the part of the elevator maintenance company and at least one “responsible person” has been detained in connection with the investigation.

But questions remained over how the woman in the elevator could have remained trapped for so long with neither her neighbors or her family realizing it. Local media reports portrayed the victim as mentally ill and said that her family believed she had just gotten lost somewhere. They had reported her missing but did not take further steps to determine her whereabouts.

A Dead Woman Sat in Walmart Parking Lot for Months

Twenty-two-year-old Lauren Moss was first reported missing in November 2015, but she wasn’t found until the following February. For months, Moss’s dead body sat in her parked car in the parking lot of a Walmart in Salinas, California. Police suspected that she committed suicide, and surveillance cameras noted that the car had been in the lot since December. Moss was finally discovered when employees finally looked inside the tinted windows.

Security footage from the Walmart only goes back to early December, but the video show’s Lauren’s car there in the same spot as when it was found.

Lauren’s windows were tinted and she had a sun protector in her window, making it hard for other people to spot her.

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