Alien Evidence – Roswell Slides revealed

Alien? Roswell Slides unveiled
Alien? Roswell Slides unveiled

New Alien pictures revealed

The images were found by former journalist Adam Dew, who has taken steps to verify the pair of alien snaps and said Kodak experts had dated the film to 1947.

The photos were supposedly found in Arizona, hidden in a collection of snaps owned by oil geologist Bernard Ray and his wife Hilda Ray, who have both died.

The slides – on Kodachrome film – were revealed by a team headed by Dr Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who walked on the moon.

The astronaut who was the sixth person to land on the moon, said he believed the images are authentic.

Real or Hoax ?

The discovery was announced this week to an audience of 10,000 people, following what UFO specialists say was an extensive five-year study to determine the authenticity of the slides.
Along with the announcement was the unveiling of a documentary, but the highly-anticpated slides themselves were still not revealed.

The original photos were found inside an attic in Arizona, in a box containing images of Bing Crosby, Clarke Gable and Dwight Eisenhower from before his term as president.

According to Jaime Maussan, a widely recognised Mexican UFO specialist, the images must be real because the sketch of the extra-terrestrial image did not exist at the time the photo was taken.

‘(These photos) show the human race, beyond any doubt, that extra-terrestrial visits are a reality,’ Maussan said.
‘That is why the presentation of two slides, two transparencies, where a being with non-human features can be seen, is very important.

‘These photos were dated by experts during a period, where the model of the archetype extraterrestrial we know today did not exist.

Hoax or real?
Hoax or real?

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