Amazing Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Astronomy Photographer of the Year
Astronomy Photographer of the Year

The fourth annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition has received a record number of entries. Back-garden amateurs and professional photographers alike have captured spectacular images such as huge eruptions shooting from the Sun’s surface, the dazzling green and red lights of the aurora borealis, and spectacular clouds of colourful dust in which new stars are forming.

The winners of the competition’s four categories and three special prizes will be announced on 19 September and an exhibition of all the winning images opens the following day on 20 September at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. The competition’s judges include The Sky at Night’s Sir Patrick Moore, acclaimed photographer Dan Holdsworth and the ROG’s Public Astronomer Dr. Marek Kukula.

We will publish a picture gallery of the winners as soon as they are annnounced. Here is a selection of the entries that have been received. For more information see http://www.rmg.co.uk/visit/exhibitions/astronomy-photographer-of-the-year/

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