Baalbek – Alien Landing Site, unexplained ruins, strange history.

Baalbek, known as “The Landing Place” to ancient Sumerians.

What interests ‘ancient astronaut theorists’ is not the Greek and Roman ruins (which date back 9,000 years), but the foundation of the site..which, according to them, date back tens of thousands of years. The megalithic stones, which comprise the foundation of the site, have led them to believe that this base was once used as a ‘space port’ landing site for extraterrestrials. This is mainly because they cannot explain how these massive stones, which weigh between 800 and 1200 tons, were moved into place with such geometric precision that even today’s modern machinery cannot replicate. Apparently, the stones at the foundation of Baalbeck are some of the largest, heaviest, stones that have ever been used in human construction on the planet!

Mysterious Ruins

The mysterious ruins of Baalbek. One of the great Power Places of the ancient world. For thousands of years its secrets have been shrouded in darkness, or bathed in an artificial light by those who would offer us a simplistic solution to its mysteries.

The Temple of Jupiter is one of the most impressive Temples in Baalbeck. It measures 88×48 meters and stands on a podium 13 meters above the surrounding terrain and 7 meters above the courtyard. It is reached by a monumental stairway. One of the most amazing engineering achievements is the Podium which was built with some of the largest stone blocks ever hewn. On the west side of the podium is the “Trilithon”, a celebrated group of three enormous stones weighing about 800 tons each.


Some archaeologists might well wish that Baalbek had been buried forever. For it is here that we find the largest dressed stone block in the world – the infamous Stone of the South, lying in its quarry just ten minutes walk from the temple acropolis. This huge stone weighs approximately 1,000 tons – almost as heavy as three Boeing 747 aircraft.


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