Canals on Mars, ancient alien evidence?

aliens on mars
Did Aliens build canals on Mars?

Did Aliens leave evidence on Mars of ancient civilisations?


These days anyone can buy a cheap telescope to look at Mars and explore the unexplained canals.


Some 19th and early 20th century astronomers thought they could see linear marks on Mars and speculated that they were an alien civilisation’s canals. The Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli and others named the features canali, Italian for channels.

The American Percival Lowell popularised the idea that intelligent life forms had created the canals, as the features came to be known. Many other astronomers were sceptical. It is now thought that well-intentioned pioneers mistook ordinary Martian surface features for canals.


It is still unclear what the source of the markings are, but a number of natural solutions exist.


What does wiki think?

For a time in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was erroneously believed that there were canals on Mars. These were a network of long straight lines that appeared in drawings of the planet Mars in the equatorial regions from 60° N. to 60° S. Lat., first observed by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli during the opposition of 1877, and confirmed by later observers. Schiaparelli called these canali, which was translated into English as “canals” (see below). The Irish astronomer Charles E. Burton made some of the earliest drawings of straight-line features on Mars, although his drawings did not match Schiaparelli’s. By the early 20th century, improved astronomical observations had revealed the “canals” to be an optical illusion, and modern high resolution mapping of the Martian surface by spacecraft shows no such features.

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