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Strange places on Mars! – Gallery

This gallery of NASA photographs from Mars is stunning, the HD quality picutes reveal amazing details, formations and landscapes from the martian planet. We have searched every detail on the pictures, and can’t find any little green men. [portfolio_slideshow size=full]
UFO Gallery

This amazing UFO gallery features some of the best recent UFO pictures. As far as we can tell, all these sightings remain unexplained and mysteries.     [portfolio_slideshow]
9/11 Pictures

Shocking pictures from 9/11. The world will never forget this sad day.   This collection of photographs from sep 11 has been complied to remind us of what changed the world. The 11 years that have passed have not healed…
Unexplained Photographs

  What can we say about the picture above?  Well its strange, and unexplained.  Looking at the bike, and the colouring of the picture, we think it was taken sometine in the early 20th century. But what on earth is…
Spectacular Sun Photos

The filament was made of solar material that was ejected from the sun during an intense solar storm on Aug. 31. Flares are caused by increased magnetic activity on the surface of our star, and are becoming more common as…