‘extra person’ on missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight

Missing for 3 years

Three years after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines aircraft MH370, the founder of an aerospace firm who has been acting as a private investigator into the doomed flight has come out with a shocking new theory about what might actually have happened.

Andre Milne of Unicorn Aerospace (kudos on the name, by the way) has looked in depth at the passenger list, and believes there was one extra passenger on the plane who was counted but not officially listed. This leads Milne to believe the mysterious additional person might have been responsible for hijacking and downing the plane.

The Beijing-bound flight, which had departed from Kuala Lumpur just three hours before it disappeared off the radar, was reported by officials to have carried 239 people in total; 12 crew members and 227 passengers.

But the private investigator has found a cargo manifest report from the flight which claims there were in fact 228 passengers on board. Speaking to The Express, Milne said: “228 is number of seats sold as of 2 hours before flight. The 228 does not include the 2 children who sit with their parents.

“It has been ‘claimed’ that four people did not board the plane. That would make the final number of seats used down at 224. Add the two children and you get 226 passengers. Now add the 12 crew.

“That means that there should only be 238 missing people and not 239 as is the official record. So now we have an ‘extra’ person on board MH370.”

Milne has also told Huffington Post UK that he has “irrefutable” evidence that there was an extra passenger on board, and that he knows what seat number they occupied, as well as the name that was used on their “fake” passport.

He now insists “the only way now to confirm exactly how many people boarded MH370 is to cross reference every CCTV system that had full coverage of all the doors against how many bodies are physically on board when MH370 is found.”

And the investigator’s theory about this so-called hijacker being responsible for the terrible fate of the jet? He believes they “likely acted in conjunction with larger external operational support and control of the cockpit of MH370.”

The mystery continues…

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