Green Comet reappears after 11,000 years

Amazing green comet lights up sky
Amazing green comet lights up sky

A glowing green comet with a huge tail is streaking across the inner solar system for the first time in 11,000 years – offering a night-time lightshow that might even be visible to the naked eye.

Comet Lovejoy has brightened in Northern skies since December – and is expected to peak in the next few days.

Astronomers say that the comet is now so bright it’s visible to the naked eye, in theory.

Sky-watchers may wish to use a pair of binoculars to pick out the comet’s long, streaming green teail.

The comet, named after the Australian astronomer who first found it, will not be seen again for thousands of years.

The unique green glow of the comet, also known as C/2014 Q2, is caused by chemicals in the comet’s icy ‘coma’, the atmosphere surrounding the chunk of ice in the centre.

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