Guarulhos Airport Armed Robbery (2019) – 748 kg Gold Bars


A group of eight heavily-armed robbers disguised as Brazilian federal police officers and made off with nearly 750 kilograms (1,653 pounds) of gold from a cargo terminal at Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport, official sources said.


Over 1,500 pounds of metal was stolen, including over 700 pounds of gold. This was meant to be sent to Zurich and New York.

A group of armed robbers stole a haul of gold bullion worth at least $30 million from Guarulhos airport in Brazil on Thursday 25th July, 2019. Eight men targeted a cargo terminal driving two trucks that resembled those of the Brazilian federal police. Four men exited the trucks with covered faces with at least one of the men carrying a rifle. Two airport workers were taken hostage during the ordeal but they were both released unharmed.

The armed robbers left the airport with 748kg of gold bullion and other precious metals due for shipment to Zurich and New York. Three suspects were arrested, all logistics workers from the airport itself. There is an ongoing investigation into the gold heist and as of yet nobody has been charged.

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