Historical Heists – Butch Cassidy, 1889, $20,000 stolen

butch cassidy

Everyone remembers the old time gangsters!

but how much did they get away with ?

Butch Cassidy’s run-ins with the law were not limited to bank robbery. Throughout his career Cassidy made headlines for looting trains and ranches along a carefully constructed web of hideouts known as the Outlaw Trail.


His biggest bank heist, however, was on June 24, 1889 at the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride. Arriving with three armed cowboys, Cassidy and co. made off with $20,000 in stolen loot.

It was this robbery that propelled Cassidy to become the well-known criminal who established one of the best hideouts (Wyoming’s “Hole in the Wall”) and ultimately obtained legend status.

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