Is Civilization on Earth 103 Million Years Old and were they Aliens?

Chichen Itza

If there existed civilization on Mars or the Moon or any other body in our Solar System then there should also be evidence of such on good old planet earth. Why has it not been found and if why has it not be publicized and openly discussed?

Well, it has been discovered. The evidence is there but no one wants to accept it because to do so would necessarily require the rejection of our academic community and their incorrect theories about the Earth’s ancient past. So, how do we proceed? We start over again with a new approach. This is what I did and you may judge the result for yourself.

I began considering impact craters on the Earth. I looked at their location and distribution. You can find maps displaying impact locations on the internet. If you look closely and consider what you see you will notice that you can draw a line in between these impact craters indicating an average path for their distribution which is the slope of a line or linear equation of their distribution. Keep in mind that although the Earth is round the map is flat and as such you can draw a line through the impact just like you can coordinates on any map or graph. This is called curve fitting.

Now, if you expand the line on the round earth you have the plot of the projection (call it a shadow) of an object that circled the Earth in the very ancient past that no longer exists, but the impacts do exists. I know this may be a little abstract for some folks but it never-the-less is real.

Well, this path gives us a reference line or datum from which to date when various geographic locations were directly under the line or orbit of this extinct celestial body. It becomes a starting point like a starting point in a race. Since the continents move (plate tectonics) and the speed and direction of the various continents is know to science it is possible to date when, in the ancient past various archaeological sites were under this orbit.

So what happens when we date archaeological sites? We get dates that are extremely old, in the many millions of years? What we find is that the ancient inhabitants of the Earth built their civilization under the orbit of this extinct celestial body ad this was done for many millions of years.

Let us look at some dates. If we consider ancient Egypt, we get dates that range from 16,000 years in Southern Egypt to 46 million years along the coast. Giza dates to 28 millions year of age.

What if we try North America. The dates are even older and they challenge everything our science claims it knows about the ancient past.

The Effigy Indian Mounds of Iowa and Wisconsin fall directly under this orbital path at a date of 16.1 million years. What?! I hear you now complaining. Didn’t archaeologists date these sites back 5,000 years? Well, guess what? They did and they didn’t.

What archaeology does is date from context. They take some artifact or bone and date that and then apply the date to the whole structure. They don’t date and can’t date stone and in this case earth. The mounds are made of earth that is identical to the earth around the individual mounds and there is no way to determine the exact age of the building of the mounds from the background earth.

Effigy Indian Mounds of Iowa and Wisconsin

However, the fact that the mounds are directly under the orbit of this celestial object indicates that they could not have been placed there unless the builders knew exactly where the orbit was which means that they have to be 16.1 million years old.

Hold the phone. We are not finished yet. We can examine Mexico, particularly the Yucatan Peninsula. When we adjust a map of North America back in time we find that the Yucatan falls directly under this orbit 66 million years ago. In fact, it crosses the Chicxulub crater formed by the impact that killed the dinosaurs. This also indicates that the object that struck the earth came from this celestial orbital path suggesting that what existed was a debris ring that circled the Earth. We will have more to say about this debris ring later in this essay.

What else do we discover? We find that this orbital path travels over Chichen Itza and Tulum, two ancient ruins of Mexico. There is no particular reason to locate these two sites where they are unless they were deliberately built under this debris ring indicating the existence of intelligent life in the Yucatan at the time of the dinosaurs.

If we continue our dating we can solve the mystery of Monte Alban. This is the lost ruin 6,400 feet high up in the mountain on a level plateau. If we apply plate tectonic movement we can date the site to 85 million years. This means that the original city was built on a level plain and was uplifted due to the plate movement of Mexico.

Now, if we continue, we can date La Venta, the lost ruin of the Olmecs to over 103 million years. The Olmecs are the “rubber people”. Who or what they were exactly is uncertain. Our sciences tells us that modern humans are 200,000 years old and originated in Africa.

Were these ancients aliens? Did they come here from another world? There are those who see a connection with the planet Mars. I can not say at this time but it seems to me that what we have is definite evidence of intelligent life on the Earth at the time of the dinosaurs.

Let us return to the debris ring of the earth. The current belief about the origin of the Moon is that the Earth was struck by a Mars size object that ejected massive debris into space that collected together to form the moon.

Well, this also becomes the mechanism for the origin of Earth’s debris ring because not all the ejected debris formed the Moon and some remained as a large extended debris field or ring.

This debris field would look a little different depending on from where on the surface it was viewed from. It could be thought of a stairway to heaven, a pathway to the gods, a ring, a dragon, a spider, or a snake. In fact, there are snake statues next to the massive pyramid of Chichen Itza indicating that this debris ring passed over this pyramid in the ancient past. It seems to be the reason this pyramid was built.

Again, this analysis seems artificial and abstract but is never-the-less is correct. There really are impact craters on the Earth. We can really apply mathematical analysis, like curve fitting, to their distribution and find the projection of an orbital path of a celestial object around the Earth. Given the numerous impact craters on our planet and the stories and myths of the ancients, it most likely was a massive debris ring.

Since the Earth has geologic plates that move and their speed and direction of movement is known, one can use this technique to date various archaeological sites.

The result is that we now can date civilization back 103 million years and there is a possibility that it may be very much older.

As to whether they are aliens from space, we don’t know at this time.


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