Lost Treasure – The Tucker Cross

Missing Treasure
Missing Treasure

The mystery of the missing Tucker Cross

Explorer Teddy Tucker found the famous Emerald and Gold Cross just north of Bermuda in 1955 whilst scuba diving. It is believed that its history of the cross dates back to 1594, and was part of a large treasure haul from a Spanish shipwreck.

The cross was renamed after him, and became known as the Tucker Cross.

Sometime before 1975, however, the cross was stolen, and the robbers left a cheap replica in its place.

The replica was found in 1975 when Queen Elizabeth II visited the Maritime Museum to view this treasure.

The priceless piece made of 22 karat gold cross, embedded with sparkling green emeralds, was moved to the Bermuda Museum of Art to display it for Queen Elizabeth II.

The discovery that the cross was a replica caused a media sensation. Nobody could work out who, or even when it had replaced the authentic Tucker Cross.

Missing Treasure

The whereabouts of this treasure remains a mystery today, some say it is in the private collection of a well known jewel collector.

value: $250 Million

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