Mars rover finds ancient wall ruin on Mars?

Unexplained wall on Mars
Unexplained wall on Mars

During the months the latest Mars rovers have been exploring the planet hundreds of strange pictures have been beamed back to NASA here on earth.

Many of these pictures have shown strange and unexplained land masses, ruined structures or out of place metal objects all over Mars.

This latest picture, which is in fact a number of single images pasted together, clearly shows what can only be described as a ruined wall. The wall is oddly in the exact location that the strange metal “joystick” was discovered not long ago.


Careful examination of the rocks making up the wall appear to show 90 degree angles, and stones placed together in an unnatural way!


The high def image available HERE shows these square stones also seem to have been filled with cement.


NASA has yet to respond to claims of it being a man(alien) made structure.


close up  mars wall ?
close up mars wall ?

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