Messages from the future could be discovered soon!

Messages from the future are being sent!
Messages from the future are being sent!

Time travel is likely impossible, but the possibility of sending messages back in time is real!

According to recent scientific research papers, an experiment is now being considered that could prove warping time is possible. The team behind the research claim this can in the future, develop into technology that allows a warp in time, or a worm hole to be created, likely just for milliseconds.

Following the release of the science paper, another team of Scientist have started an experiment to listen for messages from the future.

Messages sent back in time

Even though future technology is likely to only be able to fracture time for milliseconds, the team based in Califorinia are confident that messages can be sent back in time.

“Milliseconds is all that is needed to broadcast tiny packets of data into the time warp.” the lead scientist was reported as saying.

This team of scientists have now set a protocol for these time travel messages, including a frequency band for future scientists to broadcast the data on if they manage to discover a way of creating a time break.

So what does this mean?

It means we should now start monitoring this frequency for messages from the future.

The theory goes – that in the future a way of warping time will be discovered, allowing data to be transmitted back in time.

The first message will have to be simple, the size of the data packet will be tiny.

The research team, for now are keeping the frequency a close guarded secret – in order to avoid “false” transmission and ensure the integrity of the experiment. The location of the “future message listening station” or FML Station as it is being called, is also being kept a secret.

Listening for future messages!
Listening for future messages!

The basic principle behind the experiment seems fairly sound, assuming time can be opened into a worm hole or something similar.

Clearly we’re nowhere close to having the technology that would be required to send messages – but we do have the technology to listen for them!

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