Mysterious Cave Churches , And Pyramids Built By Giants


Located in Nucu village,high on Buzau mountains, Romania, there are more than 15 cave settlements that spreads over a surface of more than 3 square kilometers, which appear to have been built by giants.

The region now goes by the nickname of “Athos” of Romania, or giants land.

Some giant caves are old geological forms, others are carved or graved into the stone. One hermitage is located at the boarder of a canyon of about 10 meters. Signs of the first settlement in the area date to iron and bronze age.

Located in Fagaras, Brasov County, The Pyramids of Sona (above) are actually eight mounds of earth, 30 meters high, that seem to come out of nowhere.

While locals are convinced that they were built by giants, historians believe that there are graves of Celtic barbarians.

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