Mystery over top-secret UFO programme deepens

The revelation excited UFO fans around the world as it was the first time the US government had admitted investigating UFOs since 1969.

The organisation’s work was outed by Luis Elizondo when he told the New York Times he ran the shadowy Department of Defense programme from 2007 to 2012 and says he continued to look into the issue until he resigned in October this year.

Two bombshell videos of unexplained UFO sightings by US military personnel – investigated by the AATIP – were also published.

However, when contacted by Sun Online, the Defense Intelligence Agency – the Department of Defense’s spy arm, which first started the programme – claimed there had been some misunderstandings.

They said there was “confusion” over the AATIP’s purpose, and denied releasing any videos or files related to it.

The programme was unable to explain more than 700 sightings

UFO programme revealed

A spokesman for the US Defense Intelligence Agency said: “There is some confusion about this program and claims about its purpose in press reporting… the Defense Intelligence Agency has not released any information, files or videos.”

But Department of Defense officials disputed this response, claiming they did not know what “confusion” the Defense Intelligence Agency was referring to – and stated they had been “clear” about the programme’s aims.

A spokesman for the Department of Defense added: “The AATIP’s mandate, when it existed, was to assess far-term foreign advanced aerospace threats to the United States.”

The Department of Defense claim the programme ended in 2012 – however, Elizondo, chief of the Pentagon’s secret UFO research initiative, said that he had continued to work with officials from the Navy and the CIA on the programme until he resigned from office in October.

UFO experts have claimed that this disagreement could be the government trying to back-pedal away from the issue of UFOs – because they aren’t “ready or willing” to disclose the information.

source :The Sun


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