NASA – Rover photographs Gigantic Creature Fossil



The latest buzz from NASA is over these pictures from Mars rover that clearly show what looks like an fossilized spine of a very large animal.

A number of HD NASA pictures have been made available, and as yet – no explanation has been given.

NASA is about to make a big announcement from its Curiosity Rover Mars mission according to John Grotzinger, its principal investigator. Will it be a giant leap forward in the search for life on Mars? Speculation began soon after Grotzinger gave an interview on NPR public radio where he said: “This data is gonna be one for the history books. It’s looking really good.” In the NPR interview, Grotzinger said it would be several weeks before his team would announce their finding.

Shortly after his comments, the original pictures that caused the fuss got removed from the NASA site, but not before they circulated the world via the internet.

The unusual formation undeniably resembles a spiny animal, with a spiky, seemingly fossilized bone structure peeking out from the surrounding rock. An unusual, curved structure appears to be connected to the skeletal “spine” of the object and a tail seems to snake away from the “body” in the dusty trail of the formation


A clue as to what was discovered is that the data comes from Curiosity’s Sample Analysis at Mars instrument – basically an onboard chemistry lab that is capable of identifying organic compounds – the carbon-containing building blocks of life as we know it. While organic compounds do not necessarily mean that life exists/existed on Mars, they are a vital ingredient in the formation of life. NASA’s big upcoming announcement is most likely to be that it has discovered organic compounds on Mars – possibly, the fossilized remains of ancient Martian life

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