Real Haunted houses with shocking stories


The Hooley Haunted Mansion was home to several strange deaths throughout the 1970s when the mansion served as a bed and breakfast for passing transients.

Haunted Dolls.....
Haunted Dolls…..

The Doll House Mansion (Philadelphia, PA) is an abandoned mansion full of nothing but dolls and organized metal saws and tools neatly displayed on metal shelves through out several rooms.

Murder 1,2,3
Murder 1,2,3

The Temple Haunted Mansion (Detroit, MI) was the home of a triple murder that took place in August 1942.

A very haunted house...so they say!
A very haunted house…so they say!

Joshua Ward House, 148 Washington Street, Salem. This brick mansion was built for merchant Joshua Ward in the 1780s on a foundation that had previously been owned by Sheriff George Corwin, who became known as ‘The Strangler’ for his role in the killing of many accused witches during the Salem trials of the 1690s. The spirits of his victims are said to still reside in the house today.

One of the rooms of the haunted Joshua Ward House,
One of the rooms of the haunted Joshua Ward House,

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