Something very strange is happening all around the world!

UFO's in Russia
UFO’s in Russia

Strange things are happening all around the world!

Sochi, Russia

Residents in Russia’s ‘M-Triangle’, a remote mountainous region east of Moscow, claim to have seen unexplained flashing lights at night recently, while others say they’ve come face to face with extraterrestrials.

But for the best chance of making new friends from another galaxy, head to Sochi. Sightings are so frequent here that UFO spotters think it could be a hub for aliens wanting to touch down on our little blue planet. Something strange is happening here, reports of odd sightings are occurring almost nightly!

Atacama Desert, Chile
Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama Desert, Chile

One of the most hostile regions on earth has become the centre of reported alien activity. Over the early part of 2015, the local population has started to report alien encounters, UFO sightings and strange “glows” in the night sky.

"We welcome aliens" said a local man!
“We welcome aliens” said a local man!

Nullarbor Plain, Australia

Fast movie lights, UFO sightings, missing people!
Fast movie lights, UFO sightings, missing people!

Crossing this arid land in the south of Australia is considered a “cultural pilgrimage” an ancient route used by Aborigines and other nomadic tribes for thousands of years. It was considered uninhabitable and the British military even tested the atomic bomb here in the 1950s.

Recently though the area has become a “UFO spotters pilgrimage” driven by a sudden increase in strange and unexplained events in the area.

Over 200 Drivers have reported UFO sightings or claimed to have been abducted by aliens along the route in the last few years.

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