Strange Technology – Scientist build a teleport machine

Beam me up Scottie
Beam me up Scotty

Yes it’s true! Teleportation is just around the corner!

German engineers have created a machine which can take a physical object, scan it, and re-build it in a new location.
Because it is effectively an early prototype for a Star Trek transporter the group have called it “Scotty” after the chief engineer on the Starship Enterprise, who Captain Kirk was regularly seen to order: “beam me up”.

The machine scans small objects with a camera layer-by-layer, as a milling machine slowly destroys it. By slicing the object into layers it is possible to get a detailed view of the object, even including any hollow cavities.

The strange technology could be used across space!

A detailed model is then encrypted and digitally transmitted over the internet to a second machine which reconstructs it with a 3D printer.

With NASA working on internet connections for the Moon and Mars, the new technology could be used for unimaginable things.

All of that complex work is hidden from the user, who only has to place an object into the sender unit, name a recipient and press the “relocate” button.

Its creators say that the machine effectively “relocates physical objects across distances”.

Source: Daily Telgraph

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