Strange UFO sightings from the 50’s & 60’s

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In March 1964, a Wareham family (father, mother and daughter) were driving home and saw a large reddish-orange triangular-shaped object flashing above them at a height of 200 to 300 feet. The object, with the appearance of a sail, zig-zagged like a boat and then disappeared over Silver Lake. After reporting their sighting to Otis Air Force Base, the family could offer no explanations, but were very firm on the fact that they saw a UFO.


In other early accounts of UFOs, people said they saw “flying saucers” in South Wellfleet (1957), ‘flashing’ ufos in Hyannis (1964) a “ball of fire” in Barnstable (1953) and a “flying ball” seen by fishermen in Truro (1953). Another account from Chatham (1952) described the unidentified flying object as a “black blob.” In that small article, the UFO was said to be “about the size of a baseball, and the blazing tail about 100 feet long.” Some scientists offered the explanation of meteor showers in the area.

Another series of unexplained phenomena was reported in Centerville in 1950 and was seen by two local residents. “The object was described as traversing the heavens from the west while ascending until it no longer could be seen in the eastern skies.” The object was shaped like a rocket and made no sound. The earliest account in the archives was a sighting in Woods Hole in 1947. A couple saw a light yellow object traveling in the sky over Woods Hole. Their impression was the thing was saucer-shaped. The pair watched it for close to an hour before it disappeared.

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