The Kongka La Pass UFO Base

The Kongka La Pass UFO Base

Situated at a dizzying height of 16,965 feet, this region is technically no man’s land. The Kongka Pass is where the Indo-Chinese armed conflict had occurred in 1962, after which the borders were redrawn. China has designated this pass as its international border, whereas India regards Lanak Pass as its international border, which is further east. The area to the southwest of Kongka falls in Ladakh, India and the area to the northeast of the Pass is Aksai Chin in China.

The Kongka La Pass is not physically patrolled by either of the country’s troops, but both keep an eye on it from afar. Theorists now believe that this dispute goes far beyond geography. Locals on both sides of the border have always reported sightings of UFOs in the area, and Google Earth imagery seems to have revealed something eerie as well.

Have aliens landed in India?

There was an incident involving Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash, who had reportedly seen unidentifiable objects flying in the air. They had seen unusual triangular flying objects that glow due to phosphorescence. What was even more surprising was when they asked their guide about it, he very nonchalantly said that such sightings were extremely common in the area.

Based on the locals’ observations, experts believe that the remote region is not only the place for UFO landings but also suspect that a fully-functioning UFO base exists there. Geographically, this region is where two of the Earth’s tectonic plates overlap, making the depth of the Earth’s crust almost double of that in other regions around the world. This only fuels speculations of the existence of a UFO base deep underground. People have allegedly seen the UFOs hover in the air before landing on the ground and disappearing into the ground, probably to the underground base.

The most concrete evidence of the existence of aliens in India would be the incident involving the Indian Army in 2012. Army men apparently saw an object that looked like a strip of cloth, hovering around Pangong Lake, which is in the close vicinity of the Line of Control. They brought out their spectrum analyser and their portable ground-based radar to try and figure out what the object was. To their surprise, though the object was clearly visible to the naked eye, it wasn’t detected in either of the systems, leading to the obvious conclusion that the object was non-metallic. They didn’t have any other explanation for what the object could be.

Unsolved Mystery

As of today, science has neither been able to prove the existence of these creatures nor has been able to explain certain phenomena that are credited to alien beings. Extra-terrestrial life is a subject that borders dangerously on the unknown, and the unknown is exactly what makes man uncomfortable.

However, the possibility of encountering aliens in India has piqued our curiosity and only given us one more reason to embark on a voyage to the Himalayas. Immortal beings, ghosts, red snow, Yeti the snow monster, UFOs, extraterrestrial life – what else is the colossal Himalayan range hiding from us? We cannot wait to find out.

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