The puzzling petroglyphs of the Dighton Rock


This strange mystery from the heart of the USA

The Dighton Rock, known for its puzzling petroglyphs, stands as one of the greatest mysteries in Massachusetts. The 40-ton boulder that once jutted out of the Taunton River, close to Dighton, Massachusetts, has stirred up all sorts of speculation over its inscriptions for close to 300 years. Investigators have attempted to decode the odd code since an English colonist first described the boulder in 1680, but they have had little success.

In 1963, state officials removed the boulder and kept it for preservation. The Dighton Rock State Park was established in 1980 by the state of Massachusetts. Now, the rock remains in the museum there, just as mysterious as it was centuries ago.

Multiple theories exist today on who carved into the stone, but none have been conclusively proven. Most scholars say the stone and its strange carvings are of Native American origins, as similar stones have been reported in Vermont and other nearby states. Some of the wilder theories have proposed that it was the work of the Portuguese, Chinese, or even the ancient Phoenicians.


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