The reincarnation of the Pollock Twins

The reincarnation of the Pollock Twins


John and Florence Pollock lived with their two daughters — Joanna, aged eleven, and Jacqueline aged six — in the town of Hexham, Northumberland. The family was Catholic and the girls attended the local church each Sunday. On 5 May 1957 the two girls set out with a school friend, Anthony Layden, to walk to their local church. On the way all three were struck by a car, tossed into the air, and killed immediately.

A year later, their mother gave birth to twins Jennifer and Gillian.

Strange Coincidental Events

The younger twin, Jennifer, had birth marks on her body in exactly the same place as Jacqueline had them. The twins then started requesting toys belonging to the deceased girls which they had no prior knowledge of. The twins even asked to go to a park they have never been to before (but their deceased sisters have). A well-respected psychologist at the time, one Dr. Ian Stevenson, studied the case in-depth and concluded it was likely the twins were reincarnations of their departed sisters.

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