The shocking story of the Snedeker family

The Snedeker family home
The Snedeker family home

The Real Haunting in Connecticut

The movie is based on the snedeker family who on the 30th June 1986 moved to 208 Meriden Avenue in southington, Connecticut.

The house was spacious, the rent was cheap and it was near to their Son Phillips hospital.

After they had moved in they discovered that back in the 1920s the house used to be a mortuary called The Hallahan Funeral home.

It stayed a funeral home for multiple decades.

The snedeker family found mortuary equipment in the basement hid behind building materials.

They also found a small graveyard out the back and drawers full of eerie corpse photographs.

Not long after moving in the family claim to have been haunted by spirits within the house.

Strange sounds

They reported hearing strange sounds, and said the temperature would change in most rooms, and they would see figures of dead people appear.

Phillips Mother, Carmen Snedeker said

“They were incredibly powerful one of them was very thin with high cheek bones and long black hair and pitch black eyes, and another had white hair and eyes and was wearing a pinstripe tuxedo and his feet were constantly in motion.”

Their real life son Phillip did have cancer of the immune system and they did move to be closer to the hospital where he was being treated.

Mum Carmen says she was never told that the home was previously a Funeral home upon moving in and she said she never went into the basement due to renovation materials blocking the stairway, and only found the embelling equipment after they had moved in.

However the former owner and in-house neighbour says she was fully aware before moving into the house.

Carmen also claimed that when she was moping the basement floor the water turned red, she said the dishes used to put themselves away and the lights would flicker on and off even when they took the lightbulbs out.

The Younger Son Bradley apparently did get spun around uncontrollably on the gurney and they also found toe tags and head tags and other personal items of the deceased, both events was also showed in the film.

In the film it showed Phillip attacking his cousin, this really happened and Cancer stricken Phillip was taken by ambulance to a mental home for 45 days.

Phillip was also diagnosed with schizophrenia after talking about the spirits talking to him. his family said he became distant, dark and violent after moving into the house.

The Snedeker family brought in paranormal researchers, including John Zaffis, Ed Warren, and Lorraine Warren, to help pinpoint the problems.

Strange goings on

The researchers believed that former funeral workers were guilty of necrophilia, which led to the evil presence. Carmen later reported that former workers were found guilty of the crime, although Carmen’s reports have never been proven.

According to the current owner of the Southington home, Susan Trotta-Smith, the true story is that the house is not haunted now and never was.

“We’ve lived in the house for ten years. Our house is wonderful,” Susan said. “This is all Hollywood foolishness. The stories are all ludicrous.”

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