The Strange Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley

The Strange Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley

Amy Lynn Bradley, second from left, shown with her family on the cruise ship "Rhapsody of the Seas," vanished as the boat docked in Curacao.
Amy Lynn Bradley, second from left, shown with her family on the cruise ship “Rhapsody of the Seas,” vanished as the boat docked in Curacao.

Amy Lynn Bradley was just 23 when she went missing during a family Caribbean cruise on the large ship “Rhapsody of the Seas” in late March 1998.

Her disappearance, and the events that followed remain one of the strangest unexplained missing person cases in history

Vanished without a trace

Amy, was extremely bright and had recently graduated college – at the time of her disappearance she had a very promising future ahead of her.

Reluctantly she had joined her parents and brother on the vacation cruise which her Father had one at work. It is known that Amy, despite being a good swimmer, had a fear of the Ocean.

On the morning of her disappearance the cruise ship was due into port in the island of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, the Caribbean.

On the morning of March 24, 1998, Amy had been drinking in the dance club with the ship’s band, Blue Orchid. One of the band’s members, Alister Douglas, known as Yellow, said he parted with Bradley at about 1 am

It is known that Amy left her Cabin, barefoot – some time between 5.30am and 6am, presumably to smoke. Her father had seen her on the terrace at around 5.30am – but she was gone when he returned at 6am.

The ship docked in Curaçao shortly after she was discovered missing.



The last person to see Amy was her father, at about 5:30 a.m. Earlier, she had been with members of the cruise ship’s band, “Blue Orchid.”

Band member Alister Douglas, who goes by the moniker “Yellow,” told Investigators that Amy joined band members for a drink at the ship’s dance club after the band’s performance. He said he parted with her at about 1 a.m, he left and headed to the staff elevator. She went off in another direction, he said, but did not see where she went.



The search

Amy’s family says the ship’s crew resisted paging Amy, claiming it was too early to use the loudspeakers. And to make things worse, the ship had just docked in the port of Curaçao. Amy’s mother pleaded with the crew:

“I got very, very panicked and frightened and I asked them please don’t put the gangplank down. ‘You need to lock the ship up. You need to back the ship off of the dock. Don’t let anybody off of this boat. Somebody’s got my daughter.'”

The Bradleys claim the purser didn’t broadcast the first page for Amy until 10 minutes to 8:00. By then, Amy’s mother said, most of the passengers had disembarked for the day:

“I became more and more frantic because I knew that if she was in a position to hear the announcement, she would come immediately to us. And then I had thoughts that maybe somebody had her in a room and she heard it and couldn’t get to us.”

Finally, the captain ordered a search. Officials claimed they combed through all 10 decks, all 999 rooms and found nothing. A three-day search of the ocean also failed to turn up any trace of Amy.

The official conclusion: Amy may have fallen overboard, or even jumped.

Authorities however, are not certain if Bradley went ashore on Curacao of her own will and vanished while in port or if other factors were at work. A cab driver later stated that she approached his cab and said she urgently needed a phone, but this sighting has not been confirmed.

Her family believes that Bradley was coerced by unknown person(s) whom she befriended during the cruise and abducted. There are rumors of maritime pirates operating out of Curacao and Bradley’s loved ones believe that she may have become a victim of the individuals.

Sightings of Amy Bradley

There were possible sightings of Bradley in Curaçao in 1998 and 1999. Two Canadian tourists reported seeing a woman resembling Amy on a beach in Curaçao in 1998. The woman’s tattoos were reportedly identical to Bradley’s.

Bradley’s tattoos include: a Tasmanian Devil spinning a basketball on her shoulder, the sun on her lower back, a Chinese symbol on her right ankle, and a Gecko lizard on her navel. She also has a navel ring.

A member of the Navy said he saw Bradley in a brothel in 1999. He claimed she told him that “her name was Amy Bradley and [that she] begged him for help.”


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