The strange Lake Baikal Mystery

UFO over Lake Baikal
UFO over Lake Baikal

Since ancient times, the vast Lake Baikal has been known as deeply mysterious, but in the closing years of the Soviet era, and since, it has been the location of a number of alleged sightings of aliens and UFOs.

Initially these were covered-up by the authorities of the USSR, but later they were revealed by the Russian media.

In recent days there have been unconfirmed reports in Russia that American director Steven Spielberg is planning a documentary based on these weird and unexplained accounts. At the time of writing, this appeared to be a hoax, though it was unclear who planted stories in the Russian media.

True or not about Spielberg’s interest, the lake is perhaps the biggest focus of UFOs in Russia.

The versions of extra-terrestrial activity at Baikal – edged by mountains and containing one-fifth of the world’s unfrozen freshwater – relate to supposed aliens seen by military divers in its depth, and large ‘spaceships’ hovering over its grey, moody expanses.

The UFO sightings that have been reported in the vicinity of the Lake, are believed to be directly connected to mysterious bases located hundreds of meters below the surface.

Underwater aliens

One of the most famous encounters with mysterious beings was reported in 1982, when seven military divers encountered three mysterious humanoid beings at a depth of 50 meters. According to the reports, these strange beings were dressed in tight silver suits. The beings did not have any diving devices like divers do, only strange helmets. Some experts have compared the descriptions of these beings seen in the lake with ancient petroglyphs where similar strange-looking beings are depicted with very similar helmets as those reported by the divers. The mysterious beings that have been seen by military divers, wear mysterious equipment resembling modern-day astronaut suits.

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