The strange story of the Auli Kylikki Saari murder.

On May 17, 1953, 17-year-old Auli Kyllikki Saari from Finland left for chapel on her bike. She likewise worked in the congregation office and went to supplication gatherings. On this specific day, Auli came back from the congregation benefit and promptly resigned to her room, expressing she was worn out and needed to rest. Her folks discovered this very unusual.

Later that day, she cleared out for a petition meeting with her companion Maiju.

Afterward, Maiju guaranteed that Auli had appeared to be apprehensive and on edge the whole day. On their way back home from the congregation, the two young ladies split at an intersection segment, and a man called Tie-Jaska saw Auli going along 1.6 kilometers (1 mi) further. He was the last individual to see her alive.A missing people report was just recorded a couple of days after, as Auli’s folks were utilized to her dozing over at Maiju’s place and weren’t concerned when she didn’t return home that Sunday. In the weeks that took after Auli’s vanishing, witnesses detailed seeing a cream-hued auto with a bike in the storage compartment, while others asserted to have heard sobs for help and discharges close to a lake in Kaarankajarvi.

In July, Auli’s bicycle was discovered somewhere down in the timberland, and in October, her remaining parts were found at the place she was most recently seen alive after her shoe, scarf, and a man’s sock were found there. She was half-exposed, and her jacket was wrapped around her head. After her body was discovered, her other shoe was likewise found.




There were numerous suspects, including a vicar, a policeman, and a trench digger, however nothing worked out from examinations concerning their association. Auli’s killer apparently escaped with his wrongdoing.

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