The UFO Files: Tony Blair briefed on alien defence policy

The British Government have confirmed Alien contact briefings have taken place.

Tony Blair was so concerned about the disclosure of classified information on   extra-terrestrials when he was Prime Minister he received a full briefing   about UFOs from the Ministry of Defence, it has emerged.

The advice was requested by Number 10 in 1998 as the government introduced the   Freedom of Information Act, allowing members of the public to seek details   about “alien lifeforms”.

After receiving a letter from a member of the public referring to a “cover-up”   and urging him to consider making “all of the many and varied UFO reports   and associated data” available, Mr Blair asked the Ministry of Defence for   their policy.

In a lengthy reply, staff told him the ministry “has only a limited interest   in UFO matters” but that they “remain open minded” about the existence of   “extraterrestrial lifeforms”.

They added any release of information would require “substantial resources”   they would be “reluctant to sanction”.

Mr Blair eventually wrote back to his correspondent, author and “UFO   expert” Nicholas Redfern, telling him information could be requested   under the Freedom of Information Act, but was subject to clauses including   personal privacy and confidentiality.


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