The unexplained mystery of the Eye island

A strange and almost perfect circular island sits near the northeastern edge of Argentina, which is said to float on its own axis in the middle of a swampy marsh.

Called ‘The Eye’, this mysterious land is surrounded by a tiny channel of clear water and some believe it is camouflage for a massive alien base that lays quietly beneath the surface.

The strange island

In the marshy lands of Parana Delta, near the north-eastern edge of Argentina, lies a mysterious island that apparently rotates on its own axis. The mystic little piece of land, nicknamed “The Eye”, is oddly shaped like a perfect circle. Such is the enigma of this land that it has become the subject of a documentary.

The rotating piece of land was discovered six months ago by Argentine filmmaker Sergio Neuspillerm, who was doing a recce of the area for a film on paranormal occurrences. After spotting the round piece of land that surrounded by an equally round mass of water on Google Earth, Sergio and his team were apparently so intrigued by what they had stumbled upon, they decided to dump their original film project and unravel the mystery that shrouds this land instead.

When locating this reference in the map we discovered something unexpected that left the film project in the background, we call it ‘The Eye’,” Sergio said in a video. “The Eye is a circle of land surrounded by a thin channel of water with a diameter of 130 yards. Both circles [the water and land] are so perfect that it is hard to believe that this is a natural formation.” Sergio then got in touch with Richard Petroni, a hydraulic and civil engineer from New York, and a tech expert Pablo Martinez. Together, they went to check out the marvel first hand.

Pablo Suarez, who does dynamic systems modelling at Boston University, apparently told Paranormal News that he had not witnessed something like this before. He also mentioned that this was an almost perfect circle which makes it unlikely to be a simple crater or a formation created by a natural phenomenon. On the other hand, the website also mentions having received a message from someone called Daniel Roy Finkley who claims that The Eye is not as big a deal as we are making it out to be. It is one of the dozens of formations with more or less irregular edges. They are apparently a characteristic natural environment of the coast. A YouTube video even shows similar formations around Argentina.

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