The unexplained mystery of the The Wolfsegg Iron, or Salzburg Cube

The Wolfsegg Iron, AKA The Salzburg Cube
The Wolfsegg Iron, AKA The Salzburg Cube

Out of place artifact?

The strange case of the Salzburg Cube

The now famous Salzburg Cube (or as it is also know the Wolfsegg Iron) is a very strange ancient artifact which was found encased in lignite that was mined during 1885 in Wolfsegg am Hausruck, Austria.

The object was discovered when a workman at the Braun iron foundry in Schondorf, Austria, was breaking up the block of 20 million year old lignite.

Later in 1886, mining engineer Adolf Gurlt reported on the strange unexplainable object to the Natural History Society of Bonn, noting that the object was coated with a thin layer of rust, was made of iron, and had a specific gravity of 7.75.

The object weighs 785 grams and measures 67 x 67 x 47mm. Four of its sides are roughly flat, while the two remaining sides (opposite each other) are perfectly convex. A fairly deep groove is incised all the way around the object, about mid-way up its height. The cube is clearly machine made.

The original cube is held by the Heimathaus Museum of Vöcklabruck, Austria, and despite incorrect reports, it remains concealed and untested with modern methods.

Case: Unsolved

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