The unexplained UFO that crashed in South Africa

A UFO captured on camera in South Africa
A UFO captured on camera in South Africa

Claims of crashed or landed UFO’s can be found the world over, but very few offer physical evidence. The mysterious crash landing that occurred in 1965 in South Africa is one of the few unexplained UFO accounts.

UFO Account

After midnight on 16 September, police constables Lockem and de Klerk observed a shiny, copper-coloured craft which had landed astride the white middle line of the Pretoria–Bronkhorstspruit road, at a spot that was deserted 5 minutes earlier.

Their patrol vehicle cut out as they watched the craft rapidly ascending, while emitting a sea of flames through two portals below.

The 30 feet (9.1 m) wide disc, shaped like a spinning top, darted silently in a northwesterly direction, leaving the asphalt ablaze for many minutes afterwards. The incident was confirmed in a press release by Lt colonel J. B. Brits, district commandant of Pretoria North.

At first scientists from the C.S.I.R. who were asked to investigate the 6 ft wide, buckled and charred imprint, ridiculed the saucer explanation, but after further investigation the final report was classified.

The area of was burned so intensely that gravel separated from the tar. During the official investigation that followed, it was also found that a section of the road had collapsed, most likely under the weight of the large UFO.

The sample taken from the carnage were also sent away for analysis, but these results were also never made public.

Constable Lockem, aided by a staff artist of Die Vaderland newspaper, provided a sketch of the craft. Residents of the East Rand reported an “enormous white light” and a “red ball” in their skies earlier that night.

Locked quoted “It certainly wasn’t terribly frightening—the craft was a simple, copper-colored disk”

He went on to say “what struck us was the UFO sped off seconds after we approached it, with fire thrusting in it what appeared a controlled flight”

The   UFO sketch!
The UFO sketch!
A press clipping of the story
A press clipping of the story

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