The very best old UFO pictures and mysteries from the 50’s

April 23, 1950 – Redbud, Illinois, US
Disc-shaped unknown flying object UFO in nort America Illinois.

The 1940’s may have seen a boom in UFO pictures, but it surely was the 1950’s that UFO sightings went mainstream. Many claim that the sudden rise in UFO sightings during this era, prove that aliens actually visited us on a number of occasions. These UFO unexplained pictures are good evidence.

August 31, 1951 – Lubbock, Texas, USA. V-shaped UFO object photographed over Texas in 1950.


1952 – Washington, D.C. Lights in the sky over Washington DC in year ’52. American history of UFO’s


July 16, 1952 – Salem, Massachusetts, USA. Lights in the sky in triangle V-formation in 1952.

July 18, 1952 – Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Ovni- en forma de disco ufo Silve el Perú en 1952. Disc shaped silver UFO over Peru.

October 19, 1954 – Monte Carlo – Near Italy. This UFO over Monte Carlo remains a mystery.

January 16, 1958 – Trindade Island, Brazil. Foto do saoucer Voando sobre o Brasil. Disc UFO over Brazil in ’58.

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