Real Bigfoot sightings?


There are many theories about what Bigfoot is or where he came from. Some people say that Bigfoot is a alien sent here to torment with people. Another theory suggest that Bigfoot is a demon, the demon of the forrest to keep people away. People even say that he is a escaped gorilla from a zoo that know inhabits the forrest of North America. But the most believable theory is that Bigfoot is a rare type of ape man that does not like being contributed to humans or any other wild life. I personally believe that he is a rare type of ape that is trying to survive in the forests on North America.


There are plenty of foot prints, trails, and even videos of Bigfoot. Only so many of those photos, videos, and even foot prints are real. many people are willing to do anything to get 15 minutes of fame, people dress up in monkey costumes and make a fake video. One of the most famous Bigfoot videos is the Roger Patterson video shot in 1967. This is a video of a female Bigfoot walking in a creek. Another famous video is the Memorial day video, a video of a Bigfoot running across the top of the hill. There are people that commit there career to find evidence on Bigfoot. Many people believe and many don’t, do you believe the evidence

Americans keep seeing Bigfoot!

Bigfoot has been spotted all over North America including Canada, USA, and Mexico. There is over 400 claimed sightings of the creature. The creature is mostly spotted on the West and East coast but some in the middle states and provinces. Most of the sightings are hoax’s, people looking to get famous off of making a video or pictures, even making fake foot prints. Bigfoot is not the only creature being spotted around the world, people are seeing strange ape like creatures all around the world, creatures known as the Yeti, Skunk Ape, Swamp Ape, etc. Are they all really just the same creatures are all they all a rare species we have yet to discover? There are foot prints, hair samples, and trails thought to be left behind by Bigfoot. For many people that is not enough, they want to see the creature for themselves. Is the Bigfoot real? There are enough sightings that one has to be real? right? It is your decision in the end, hoax or real.

What is Bigfoot? Bigfoot is a mysterious hairy man like ape that inhabits North America. The proper name for this creature is the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch got its nickname by its huge feet the creature supposedly has. There have been many sightings of Bigfoot in the past 50 years. He is a true mystery because no one has ever captured him, the only evidence of Bigfoot is photos, foot prints, and videos. It is a true mystery if Bigfoot is real or a hoax, there is strong evidence for both side if it is real or not. The most famous piece of evidence is the “Robert Patterson” video. I will be showing the video and also breaking it down in one of my other blogs. Bigfoot is a true mystery and it depends on if you think there is enough evidence or not. It is your decision, real or hoax?


Patterson-Gimlin Film

The greatest Bigfoot footage of all time is the Patterson-Gimlin film.  It was captured by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin on October 20, 1967.  On the day in question, the men were researching Sasquatch reports near Bluff Creek, in California.  They were on horseback and came across an overturned tree.  As the pair rounded the tree, they spotted a large figure beside the creek.  At the sight of the Bigfoot, Patterson’s horse reared.  Roger quickly untangled himself from the straps and spent about twenty seconds removing the camera from his saddlebag.  By the time he began to film the creature, Patterson was 120 feet (37 m) away.

What to Look For

Roger Patterson began to run after the Bigfoot with his 16mm camera.  He stopped at a distance of about 80 feet (24 m) and captured the most famous section of the film.  The Sasquatch looks over its right shoulder at Roger, who then falls to his knees.  In the clip, the creature turns at the men a total of two times.  Shortly after the final glance, the Bigfoot walks behind a grove of trees, reappears for a second and then walks away.  After much research and speculation, it has been suggested that the video shows a mature female Sasquatch 7’4? and 700lbs.  The creature in the video matches the description offered by others who have witnessed a Bigfoot.

The Patterson-Gimlin tape confirms the Bigfoot profile on almost every point.  Some of the features include Ostman’s pads, which are light colored pads located on the bottom of the feet.  The creature has long arms, a coned head, a hair ridge down the spine, a slow walking pace, and a prominent brow ridge.  Like other videos, it shows instinctual tree hiding and cupped gray hands.  The Bigfoot has a hooded nose, an inline step, and a white color on the hands and feet.  The Patterson-Gimlin film is one of the most controversial pieces of video in existence.  Many scientists have judged it a hoax.  For this article I have included two videos of the action.  One shows the original footage, which gives a good sense of how far away Roger Patterson was from the Sasquatch.



Utah Sasquatch Family



The Utah Sasquatch family video was posted to YouTube by a user named Johnny, under the title ‘Bigfoot family sighting in Utah on January 3, 2011?.  The upload includes the description “I took my kids and their friends hiking and sledding high up in the Utah Mountains.  A few weeks later as I was watching the video clips, I spotted three different cases with unexplained creatures that appeared to be a family of Sasquatch.  In the first clip, a Bigfoot is seen walking away into the trees.  The second clip shows a different Bigfoot watching us and then disappearing.  The 3rd clip appears to be another Bigfoot struggling to get away.  We returned to the hills to look for prints, but the snow had melted.”  The video shows a man who is filming a group of kids sledding.  In the clips, three separate creatures can be seen in the immediate background.

What to Look For

In order to grasp what is happening in the video, you must watch the portion of the clip when the analyst zooms in on the action.  It should be mentioned that the footage was posted in three separate clips because the filmmaker turned the camera on and off.  This has caused some people to label the video a hoax.  The first clip shows a humanoid creature hiding behind a bush.  The creature gets up and walks away.  The rise and fall motion is bizarre and consistent with similar Sasquatch videos.  However, it appears that the figures left arm doesn’t move.  This has caused researchers to claim it is hemiplegic.  Hemiplegia is total paralysis of the arm, leg, and trunk on one side of the body.  Personally, I find it hard enough to believe the clip shows a family of Sasquatch and will not take the position that they are also hemiplegic twins.

Following the departure of the first Bigfoot, a second creature can be seen leaving from a bush on the far right side of the screen.  This action was not noticed by Johnny in his original description.  The second clip starts with a large creature standing completely still.  It has been suggested that the Sasquatch got caught out in the open by the camera, so it acted like a tree.  The filmmaker then pans away from the area to film a child sledding and when the picture returns, the stationary creature is gone.  The footage raises suspicion, as it could be easily hoaxed and has some appalling implications about the creatures understanding of how the camera works.  However, the final clip makes up for it.

The third clip shows a Sasquatch running from the scene.  The arm and leg movements of the creature are not humanlike.  In Johnny’s original description, he makes the implication that the figure may be injured.  However, the movement is consistent with other Bigfoot videos.  When a large, not juvenile, Sasquatch is threatened and scared, as might have been the case for this creature after being caught out in the open, they run on all fours.  It appears to be moving very fast with its limbs swaying back and forth.  When viewing the enhanced clip, the action raises immediate emotion.  The video confirms on many aspects of the Bigfoot profile, including a coned head, consistent color, long arms, strategic moving, tree-hiding, and an interest in children and loud behavior.



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