UFO Crash – Near Kingman Airport Arizona, 1953

On the evening of May 21, 1953, around 13 kilometers (8 mi) to the northeast of Kingman Airport in Arizona, an unidentified craft allegedly crashed to Earth.

The military quickly sealed off the area and recovered the debris, moving the wreckage to one of two military bases, either the infamous Area 51 in Nevada or Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. (Claims vary.) Government officials discreetly rounded up somewhere close to 40 scientists in various fields, and after having them sign secrecy papers, they transported them (in a windowless bus if some sources are to be believed) to where the craft, and its crew, were being housed so that they could better understand both.

According to researcher and author Preston Dennett, one such scientist, Arthur Stancil, would state to Dennett that their investigations would conclude that

“the craft struck the ground at 1,200 miles per hour, but was strangely undamaged and definitely not human-made.”

Stancil would further describe the object as “tear-drop shaped [ . . . ] like a streamlined cigar.” Another scientist who spoke with Dennett, Leonard Stringfield, claimed that he managed to get a look inside the crashed craft, witnessing with his own eyes “the dead body of a four foot human-like creature in a silver metallic suit”.

The incident was largely kept under wraps by the military until Frank Scully lit the fuse that would bring apparently legitimate witnesses forward to other UFO researchers.


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