Unexplained Mass UFO Sightings

Phoenix Lights UFO

Levelland, Texas

The town of Levelland, Texas may have been the location of a UFO sighting that took place on November 2, 1957. It was around 11 pm when the police station received an onslaught of calls from panicked residents who rattled on about a mysterious object in the sky. More than 15 calls came in that described a “flash of light” that flew overhead. A “rush of wind” accompanied the object. The incident was blamed for the dead lights and engines of area trucks. Witnesses ranged from the typical housewife to a veteran from the Korean War. Another account described the sighting as a blue-green craft that was shaped like an egg. It was said to have quickly transformed into a fireball before lifting into the air and vanishing without a trace.

Stephensville, Texas

Amongst the 40 local residents of Stephensville, Texas to report seeing a UFO, a local amateur civilian pilot and a police officer were some of the witnesses who believed something unknown took to the sky on January 8, 2008. Some believe that a UFO hovered over the farming community for close to five minutes before streaking away into the night sky. When National Public Radio spoke to police officer Lee Roy Gaitan, he told them that he was walking to his car when he saw a “luminous object that reminded him of pictures of erupting volcanos.” The object was reported to have reached 3,000 feet in the air. Another witness said the UFO was larger than a Wal-Mart and measured at least a mile long.

Wilmington, Delaware

When Wilmington, Delaware residents looked into the evening sky on July 13, 1860, they spotted a pale blue light that just didn’t look right. In the sky, they saw something that measured 200 feet long that streaked along on a level course around 100 feet above the ground. Behind the unexplainable sight, three “red and glowing balls” trailed in 100-foot intervals. In time, a fourth object quickly joined the trio after closing in out from the rear of the main object. People described the sight as releasing sparkles that resembled the way a rocket moved. The object in the front of the pack turned towards the southeast direction and passed over the Delaware River. It then headed straight east until no one could see it again. The entire sight was thought to have lasted one minute. News of the incident appeared in the Wilmington Tribune on July 30, 1860.

Madisonville, Kentucky

It was early in the afternoon on January 7, 1948, when dozens of residents living in Madisonville, Kentucky, placed phone calls to the police regarding something strange seen in the sky. A news account to follow would describe the sight as “a circular object hovering overhead and giving off a brilliant glow.” The state police felt compelled to notify Air Force officials at Goodman Field, which was an air base located at Fort Knox. After fifteen minutes, the tower crew at the airfield may have seen the UFO as well. They radioed a squadron of P-51 fighters that had already taken to the air for an investigation of the reported object.

The Squadron leader, Capt. Thomas Mantell, Jr., was an expert pilot who had earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery during the Second World War. He reported back to the base that he had seen the UFO and was in pursuit of the unexplainable object. His last radio transmission had come in at 3:15 pm, where he said, ” I’m closing in now to take a good look.” He described the sight as appearing metallic and that it was quite large in size. Three minutes had passed and Matrell crashed. He was killed on site. Official reports state that the pilot had run out of oxygen, but UFOlogists believe the explanation has something more to do with what he saw in the sky.

Los Angeles, California

It was early in the morning of February 25, 1942, when radar detectors picked up on an unidentified object situated 120 miles west of Los Angeles. The operators of the radar paid close attention to the action of this object as it quickly came within a few miles of the southern California coast. All of a sudden, the unexplainable object vanished from the screens. Time passes and an artillery officer situated along the coast reported what he believed was 25 aircraft flying at 25,000 feet.

A few minutes later, other witnesses in Santa Monica saw a balloon-like object that seemed to be carrying what appeared to be flares. Other witnesses started to report a multitude of unknown flying objects that reached speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. The sightings were so great that it causes residents in the city to fear an attack by the Japanese. This caused the firing of 1,400 rounds of ammunition at the unexplainable objects. The bullets did not seem to hit anything because no wreckages were ever uncovered. Officials believed that the incident was a blend of mass hysteria and a false alarm, but UFOlogists would like to attribute the flying craft to extraterrestrials.

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