Unexplained Photo – Is this spooky apparition the Grey Lady of Hampton Court?

Ghost of Hampton  Court
Ghost of Hampton Court

Known as the Grey Lady of Hampton Court, Dame Sybil Penn is said to haunt several parts of the palace including the state apartments and Clock Court, Historic Royal Palace

Dame Sybil Penn died of small pox at Hampton Court Palace in 1562

Her ghost was reportedly seen by the Victorians when her tomb was moved in 1829.

The palace is extremely haunted, and is also haunted by Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife.

She was dragged to her death through the palace accused of adultery

Two schoolgirls noticed the strange apparition on a visit to the palace and captured the strange unexplained picture above.

A servant at Hampton Court to four Tudor monarchs she was the nurse of Prince Edward and also nursed Elizabeth I through the disease before succumbing to it herself.

Strange Discovery

Strange haunting sounds could be heard from behind a wall, and the sound of what appeared to be a spinning wheel.

This led to the strange discovery of a previously unknown chamber containing an antique spinning wheel.

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