UNEXPLAINED PICTURE – A 15 inch long Giant’s finger found in Egypt


A 15 inch long human finger has been found in Egypt

The picture of the Giants finger was taken by well known researcher “Gregor Spörri” in Egypt in 1988, but have only just been released. The mummified finger would be considered to be human except for the fact that it is way, way too large to have come from a human hand. The finger was reported to have been taken to the museum in Cairo.

Unfortunately, this finger is not and was never, housed in any museum in Egypt. The researcher now says that he took the pictures after he reportedly had to pay “an old man from a grave robber dynasty” 300 dollars to see it and take pictures of it.

So unfortunately this discovery cannot be independently verified at this time. Hopefully all of this publicity will flush this finger back out into the public so that authorities can examine it. This is potentially an incredibly important part of our history and it would be a shame if these photos are the only evidence we ever get to see of it.

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