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Is this weird and vertically elongated Skull the one from Andover? Real or Hoax!

Unexplained Skulls


For centuries, perhaps even millennia, people have been finding weird skulls and strange artefacts that they cannot easily explain. These range from gold coins embedded in coal to complicated tools such as the Antikythera Mechanism. The same is true for skull bones and there have been many discovered that challenge the perception of human evolution. The fairly recent archaeological discovery of miniature human bones on the Indonesian Island of Flores has lead to the establishment of a new, if contentious, species of human – Homo Floresiensis. In South America scientists have revealed many strange bones and elongated skulls and in North America a small foundation has been established to study the mysterious Starchild Skull.

As with any somewhat controversial topic the subject matter attracts strong views from those who support the associated findings and those that dispute them. This page is an introduction to some of the weird skull artefacts and bones that have been revealed as well as some of the debate that surrounds their authenticity.

There have been several reports of vampire skulls being unearthed with the most recent taking place in Venice, Italy. During the first quarter of 2009 a team of archaeologists were excavating a mass burial pit on the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo when they unearthed a female skull with a slab of rock forced into her mouth. This was a typical burial for a suspected vampire and was supposed to prevent the creature rising from the dead. The skull and associated bones were in keeping with a normal human physiology and displayed none of the physical characteristics associated with the modern perception of vampires. However, a more intriguing story is that of the Andover Skull. The information is sketchy but the basis of the story is that at sometime during the 1950’s a newly married couple, Mr F and Mrs B Morris, moved to Andover Massachusetts in the USA.

They were disappointed to discover the house they had purchased had not been fully emptied and that the attic remained stacked with books, broken furniture and other such possessions. A year or so after moving in Mrs Morris finally decided to empty to attic and in the process found a heavy wooden box which had been nailed shut. That evening her husband opened the box with a claw-hammer and together they discovered a large and disturbing skull. It had unusually big eye sockets and several pieces of the bone cranium were broken. There were strange carvings on the front left of the skull but the most interesting part of the discovery were its canine teeth which were strangely elongated. Overall the skull was larger than an average human’s and had a distinctive domed forehead. Mr Morris glued the skull fragments together and apparently kept it in his study where he would show it to curious friends and visitors. After some months Mrs Morris became distressed by its presence and insisted that it be reburied as she had convinced herself that it was demonic or at least the skull of a powerful Indian medicine man. Instead, he allegedly took the skull to a nearby Museum of Archaeology which specialised in Native American history.



The image above is from the limestone carving called the “Relief of a Royal Couple” and is believed to depict Nefertiti an Egyptian queen and is from the 18th Dynasty circa 1330BC. It is on display in the Altes museum in Berlin – Germany.

Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaton the Egyptian Pharaoh who strangely forced many social and religious changes on his subjects including the concept of Sun or Star worship. It would seem that Nefertiti was exceptionally beautiful and had many otherworldly qualities including a significantly elongated skull. In all artworks she is either shown with an elaborate headdress or with a elongated skull. Apparently this characteristic was inherited by her daughters who are depicted in the same manner.

For many years Egyptologists have dismissed this attribute as artistic license but it has become ever more obvious and accepted that the ancient artists depicted their subjects as they really appeared. If this is true then the Egyptian queen not only had a very unusual cranial structure but it was at least 50% larger than that of the average human being thus ruling out simple head-binding practices.

This has fueled speculation that there may be some truth in the “Seeded World Theory”. In brief this theory suggests that billions of years ago “life” was introduced to worlds that had a suitable environment to support it. This life all shares a similar DNA structure and that from time-to-time civilisations emerge with the technological capability to visit these seeded worlds and update the genome through the deliberate introduction of compatible DNA. It seems farfetched but not impossible and it would explain so much. After all, there is still no solid science to explain how and why the universe actually exists at all. (Yes … this is actually true. Feel free to do the deep research yourself.)

If the depictions of Nefertiti are accurate then this woman was probably very smart and certainly not your average person. We’ll leave you to work out your own conclusions.



Over the years archaeologists and explorers have discovered many unusually large skulls that have intrigued scientists from around the world. These giants may have simply been human anomalies or may represent a branch of anthropology that remains a mystery. It is worth noting that there are various medical conditions that can cause “Giantism” or more correctly, Gigantism. Pituitary Gigantism is the most common and is caused when the when an excess of growth hormone is released during puberty. However, skulls from people afflicted with this condition tend to display characteristics that can fairly easily identify this as the cause. Some of the giant skulls discovered are also simply explained as being those of the Neanderthal species of human beings (Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis) that became extinct approximately 15,000 years ago. Still, there are other skulls that defy such simple analysis. Two cases stand out and are worth mentioning even though one may well be a hoax. The first is the Lovelock cave find. In 1911 a team of guano miners, who where excavating the cave, began to unearth various Native American bones and remains. Archaeological teams were brought in and over the next 15 years various mummies and skeletal remains were discovered.

From various bones, and particularly the femurs, it was concluded that the average height of the buried skeletons was ten feet tall. Many of the bones were sent to scientists and educational institutions and over the course of time have become lost. However, some of the finds, including a giant skull, can still be viewed at the Humboldt Museum in Winnemucca in the state of Nevada.

The second case refers to the discovery of a truly giant skeleton by an oil exploration team in Saudi Arabia in 2002. Apparently this being was 25ft tall and had a skull that was nearly 5ft in length. According to internet rumour the find was hushed-up by the Saudi authorities who immediately distributed fake photos through a Photoshop competition that created such confusion that nobody really has any idea whether this was a real occurrence or a hoax. However, it is important to note that Bedouin legend does make reference to such a race naming them as being of the Aad or Hood nation. (If you’re interested in finding out more about this skull and skeleton simply Google “Saudi Arabia Giant Skeleton” and decide for yourself.)

Giant evidence

Legends of weird giants are common in almost every part of the world. They range from those of merely tall people to truly gigantic beings that can move mountains. (Shrewsbury Giant) This is clearly a shared belief-memory that deserves more investigation. At the time of writing the tallest, scientifically recorded, man was Robert Pershing Wadlow who was 9ft 11in. His skull was 36% larger than that of his father. Another recent giant was Anna Haining Bates who reached 7.5ft in height and had a cranial capacity 22% larger than her father. Records indicate that she was extremely intelligent.

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