What evidence suggests Hitler escaped from Germany?

This photo was alleged to show Adolf Hitler as he was hiding in South America after World War II.
Screenshot from CIA documents

On the morning of April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler shot himself in the head in his Bunker in Berlin while newlywed wife Ava Braun killed herself with cyanide.

That afternoon, their bodies were brought to a garden outside where they were doused in petrol and burned.

While the majority of historians agree on this version of events, theories that Hitler actually escaped and lived out his life elsewhere have abounded since the Second World War ended.


One of the first to put forward the theory was Marshall Georgi Zhuko, who was present when the Instrument of Surrender was signed in Berlin, who spoke out in 1945 to say that Hitler ‘could have flown away at the last moment.’

Since then various teams of investigators have tried to give credence to the theory, including British authors Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan.

In their 2011 book Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf, they argue Adolf and Eva used body doubles to fake their suicides before fleeing the bunker to a waiting aircraft which took them to Denmark.

From there the pair returned to Germany before ending up in Spain where fascist dictator General Franco loaded them on a plane to the Canary Islands.

A German U-Boat then took them to Argentina where the historians claim couple had two children before Hitler died in 1962 of natural causes.

Another writer, Argentinian Abel Basti, also claimed the pair escaped to Argentina via Spain and a submarine moored in the Canary Islands.

However, Basti believes Hitler died in South America in 1971 and was buried in a secret bunker in the city of Asuncion, underneath what is now a hotel.

Former CIA operative Bob Baer and Tim Kennedy, a US special forces sergeant who was involved in the capture of Al Qaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and Abu al-Zarqawi, took on the subject for The History Channel earlier this year.

One document they uncovered from British Intelligence claims Hitler was flown out of the German capital by Luftwaffe pilot Captain Peter Baumgart the day before he purportedly took his own life.

The pair also found evidence of a previously unknown, fifth exit from the bunker, which led to an area large enough for a makeshift runway.

Another document reveals an SS officer claiming to have seen Hitler in Denmark, shortly before changing planes to his final destination.

Meanwhile in Argentina, evidence surfaced of a military-style compound where Hitler may have stayed after his arrival.

The Fuhrer had plans for a Fourth Reich centred in the South American country, according to Baer.

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